Refer a New Customer

Terms & Conditions

Offer subject to change without notice.

To be eligible for the AEON Refer a New Customer Program, the Referrer must have been an active customer on an eligible AEON postpaid plan with an account in good standing for 30 days. The Referee must accept the AEON Refer a New Customer offer, become a new AEON customer with a new AEON account number on an eligible AEON business plan and maintain the account in good standing for 30 days.

To refer a new customer, the Referrer must register an AEON Refer a New Customer account by calling 877-246-2366.

To be eligible, the Referee must: Activate a new account within 45 days of receiving the referral; and (2) activate a new AEON postpaid plan.

AEON customers and any Referees who have created a new account prior to having been referred are not eligible.

Referrer cannot refer oneself; the Referee’s new AEON account number cannot be added to the Referrer’s AEON account.

Upon confirmation of compliance with these Terms and Conditions and eligibility, a referral credit will be applied to the Referrer’s AEON monthly billing account.

The credit will total 50% of the Referrer’s average monthly bill for the preceding 6 months with a cap of $1,000, after the Referee has been an eligible AEON customer for 30 days (and only if the Referrer has remained an eligible AEON customer in good standing for 30 days).

A Referrer may refer multiple Referees, to a maximum of two per calendar year while the offer is available in market.